About Maac

As far as imparting the best-in-class education in the field of graphic designing, animation and film making is concerned, MAAC needs no introduction, owing to the staggering number of successful individuals we have helped curate who are now amongst the best in the world of computer generated graphics and visual effects.

MAAC Baroda aims to continue the rich tradition of imparting world class education and training in the domain and seeks to develop the brightest minds who can do groundbreaking work in the field of visual art development and prove to be pioneers. We offer a diverse portfolio of courses that range from full time classroom programs to short term skill specific programs in designing, animation, film making and visual effects.

Moreover , to keep the innovative streak of students alive and keep them updated with the latest trends, seminars on 3D animation, designing and stop motion are conducted on a regular basis.

Our Vision

To give world-class training to students in the fields of special effects on imaginative drawings, Animation, Games, and outfitted with latest technology knowledge and skills needed to be readily absorbed into the industry.

Our Mission

MAAC is on a mission to craft a learning environment where creative inquiry and cultural development is ended promising throughout education and research.

Quality Quote

Each and Every Professional at MAAC is driven by the belief that quality and regularity is the utmost profits for everyone.